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lokol builds smart communities

lokol is pronounced "local"

lokol community websites help you live, work, and play in your community. We help you discover what's happening right now, and we connect friends and families, people to jobs, volunteers to good causes, students to education, businesses to customers, sports fans to local results, and citizens to each other and the world.

lokol community websites are unique because we find and share local (and only local) content from all over the Internet - news, events, sports, jobs, people, blogs, coupons, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more! And, we make it easy for you to share your own local news too.

Smart communities begin with people and their connections to each other. lokol community websites facilitate the sharing of news and information within towns, cities, and regions in a way that builds social capital and unlocks economic potential. Watch our videos below to find out how we do it using our proprietary technology.

lokol is a subsidiary of MediaSpark Inc

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Is lokol in your community or coming soon? Watch the video above to find out how lokol can help you live, work, and play.